BlamBlamBlam Recap 2/15/2012 Tuesday 9:45 R-Bar

by Comedy Recap

BlamBlamBlam runs every second Tuesday of the month at the R-Bar and is hosted by Matt Peters. By injecting just a little bit of sketch into the standard stand-up showcase it’s one of the most inventive shows in Los Angeles.

After some technical problems with the mic were fixed Matt Peters took the stage wearing nothing but a heart-shaped box of chocolates, Saran-wrapped around his crotch.  He told us that he would be our Valentine and brought out Michael Driggs who opened up his set by talking about being a teacher and smoking pot,and closed his set dribbling his foot like a basketball while Nancy Pirozzi whistled the Harlem Globetrotter’s theme perfectly.

Next up was Esther Polvitsky who told us she lies about being pregnant and wants to be a rap video girl. She talked about being half Jewish and having a hot uncle, then closed by talking about getting clingy with her rapist.

Erin Gibson performed next doing a long bit about the fantasy response she would write to the OK Cupid post “Six Foot and Hung Like a Mule.”  She closed her set by telling a story about dancing alone in her apartment.

 After Erin’s set Matt Peters brought up Rebecca  Addelman and Holly Prazoff. They took the stage as Rebecca & Holly, a duo faking neck injuries who ask the audience accusingly, “what have [they] done with their lives?”

Sean Quinn was next and explained how he’s not good live and is more of a social media comedian. He talked about swimming, being happily divorced. He closed his set by talking about the amount of apologizing you do as a married man.

Chip Pope had material about Jessica Rabbit, gay club names, and the movie, “Shame.” A bit in the middle dealt with the idea that people who tell you they’re weird because they like “Fraiser” and ice-cream, are not. He closed by talking about Paul McCartney being too humble and Vampire Weekend sounding too much like Paul Simon.

Next came Jim Hamilton who is joke writer in it’s truest form, able to get a laugh usually in one or two lines. Doing short jokes he was able to cover a lot of ground lampooning blood oranges, throwing stars, crushes at parties, Oasis, Bon Iver, and bad advice from his doctor. He interrupted some of his own jokes by complaining to Chuck Watkins that the old material he was trying out again wasn’t working. Chuck shot back that Jim was, “doing them wrong!” Jim closed his set with material about Applebee’s, fortune cookies, moats, and painkillers.

Up next was Chuck Watkins serenading the audience as Money Corp, Internationals Assistant Director for Marketing. He sang songs and closed his set singing a song about blue valentine’s while he showed the audience dirty hand-drawn Valentine’s day cards.

After Chuck was Cameron Esposito, in town from Chicago and wondering how her side-mullet haircut will play on the west coast. She coveered coonskin caps, home movies, ken dolls, and eye-patches before closing with two stories.  The first about a penguin-beach-topless-hug and the other about going to a strip club.

After Cameron’s set Matt Peters was on stage when there was a knock at the door and in burst a dripping wet Davey Johnson looking for his lover, Jessie. He kept shouting for “Jessie” and started searching the about bar. He thought he’d found Jessie in the front row and immediately started gushing about how sorry he was, and how much he missed her, and how he wanted Jessie back. The woman in the front row obviously wasn’t Jessie, it was clear she was just an audience member. She was apprehensive about being involved, as was her husband who kept pushing Johnson’s soaked torso away from his wife exclaiming, “Gross you’re all sweaty,” to which Johnson quickly  replied, “No, it’s raining out.” Johnson succeeded in ticking this couple off and then proceeded to  win them over. The husband went from upset, (”THAT’S MY WIFE!”) to reluctantly engaged (“This is some weird-ass comedy sketch.”).  When Johnson put on his glasses to read a dirty Haiku, his improved eyesight helped him realize that this poor woman was not Jessie, at which point he continued his search, shouting furiously, “JESSIE!” over and over. Jessie produced himself behind the bar, a 6’4 gentleman with a bushy red beard. Johnson and “Jessie” (Randy Liedtke) reconciled on stage where they embraced passionately.

The headliner Mike Bridenstine is a high energy story-teller. He told one  about seeing a bullfight and maybe his first dead body and another story about the worst date he’s ever been on that’s simultaneously grotesque and hilarious.

I missed  both Andy Ritchie’s and John Vargas’ sets  which is a shame because I heard they both did well. I do apologize for the hole in this recap but it was a long night of comedy. If anyone would like to fill me in on what they talked about I could update this entry.

Thanks to Demorge Brown for producing such a great show.

You can follow all of these performers on Twitter:!/Rbarla!/mattpeters!/Driggs18!/Little_Esther!/gibblertron!/raddelman!/Hollypraz!/ChipPope!/Jim_Hamilton!/ChuckWatkinsEsq!/cameronesposito!/colormebadder!/DrDavey!/randyliedtke!/commenace!/brido!/leitepreto (producer)

PS I couldn’t find Sean Quinn’s Twitter account if anyone knows it, message me.