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Month: February, 2012

Gallows Humor Recap 2/23/2012 Thursday 8pm Vlad the Retailers

Gallows Humor Recap 12/23/2012 Thursday 8pm Vlad the Retailers

Gallows Humor runs on the last Thursdays of every month at Vlad the Retailers 4270 Melrose in Hollywood

Gallows Humor is probably the only comedy show in LA located inside of a clothing store. No coincidence that it attracts a fashionable crowd. The show is produced by two all-around cool chicks, Kira Hesser and Britanny Fields. Kira hosted and opened her set by talking about the giant moth circling the light and how most of her nightmares involve insects. She talked about why her sisters have eating disorders and why she’s a fast talker.  Then she brought up the night’s first comic, Nick Turner.

Nick started his set by accidentally touching his tongue to the microphone, putting on sunglasses and talking about his awkward introduction. He talked about the consequences of trying to jump a bush on a park trail, and that boo-boos warrant painkillers, and asked everyone in the audience for their painkillers. He told a story about missing his train and taking his frustration out on a trashcan which dislocated his toe and cost him $3000 at the hospital. He then read some possible letters he wrote to the hospital telling them why he would never pay his bill.

Kira came on after NIck and talked about Valentine’s Day and showering, then brought on Chris Caniglia. Chris talked about that trope in movies where the girl looks unattractive until she takes off her glasses. He discussed not having kids, his wife trying to trick him into having babies and “The World’s Most Selfish Dad” coffee mug he would receive. Chris confessed that sometimes he looks at porno on the internet and equated male ejaculate to a moving fist. Chris closed talking about how black people are never attacked by bears.

Kira riffed on Chris’ set and said that when guys come in your face they aren’t aiming correctly before she brought up Eddie Pepitone.

Eddie talked a little about his jacket which was bright yellow and orange with patches of the Buddha all over it. He talked about how he meditates before he gets on Twitter, and about our fragmented consciousness and the coming apocalyptic wasteland. He spoke about how the valet’s are the only even-keeled people in Hollywood. I made notes that he talked about outdoor dentistry and eating cucumber and lemon sandwiches and how that relates to Beverly Hills being soulless. He thinks that in the future we will invite people over to our homes only to watch a 30 second youtube clip before shooing them away. Pepitone closed his set doing an impression of Billy Crystal singing songs at the Oscars and another impression of a lounge singer who experiences Vietnam flashbacks.


Kira reintroduced herself and told a story about how masturbation with a vibrator is illegal in China before bringing on Britanny Fields who promptly told everyone that she had to pee. She sang a song:”It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Space” about the show taking place in a new location. Then told some stories about the people she met at the Tarzana Treatment Center. She told us about a man she was in love with named Jorge (pronounced George) and his snake tongue. She closed with material about how talking to guys her own age is awkward.

The next performer was Hampton Yount who began his set with a bit about how Soulja Boy theorizes that JFK killed himself. He moved from there into material about how there is no soft-core child pornography. Hampton talked about how vampires are sexy and the Wolfman in the “Wolfman” movies only ever strangles people. He talked about a documentary about Detroit and raising a kid to be Jewish just for shits and giggles.   He talked about Make-A-Wish employees being good at pretending they’re deaf. He equated abortion doctors to Lucille Ball in a chocolate factory and closed his set by talking about robot armageddon.

Lee Keeler was the next comic, he also happened to be the DJ for the evening and his set started with a bang when a few metal rods fell from a shelf to the side of stage and landed on some unoccupied chairs.  He told us we were all being punked. He roasted the owner of the clothing store saying the place looked like a Batcave for the Hardy Boys. He talked about taking his wife to a karaoke bar on Valentine’s Day and closed with an impression of Tom Waits forgetting the classics.

Brittany fields brought out the next comic, Gabe Delahaye. He talked about being from New York City and how stereotypical it is of him to have a bit about bagels. He discussed Eminem’s decline from normalcy and how no one tells you that “The Secret” basically blames Jewish people for the Holocaust. He talked about having a barber as a life coach, it always being 4am when you’re single, and how much him and his dad love Ryan Gosling.

The last comic of the evening was Guy Branum who opened his set talking about Mexican Episcopal churches and uppity farm-workers. He wondered if this entire comedy show was taking place on the set of “The New Girl”, then transitioned into material about Zooey Deschanel getting an old-timey abortion.  He did two Grammy jokes, that turned out to be Adele jokes, that turned out to be fat jokes.  He talked a lot about centaurs and their relation to Nikki Minaj. He told a story about an awkward ride home with an intern who’s mom was raped by gorillas. He riffed on Chris Coniglia’s set and equated truth to beauty.  He closed his set by wondering why black people haven’t killed white people in their sleep.

Kira and Brittany came up and thanked everyone for coming, everyone who performed and Donny Pepper for cooking up some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches.

You can follow all these performers on Twitter:!/eddiepepitone!/Hamptonyount!/guybranum!/gabedelahaye!/itsmenickyt (Nick Turner)!/LeeKeeler!/Chriscaniglia!/brittanyfieldss!/kirahesser


Power Violence Recap 2/19/2012 Sunday 9:30 The Complex in Hollywood

Power Violence runs every Sunday at 9:30 at  The Complex 6470 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.

If you look up the word “powerviolence” on Wikipedia you find it’s a musical subgenre of hardcore punk, who’s sound was typified by bands emphasizing speed, brevity, bizarre timing breakdowns, and constant tempo changes. Traits surely shared with the show PowerViolence’s sketches, which are bizarre, fluid, and brief. The show itself has rage, optimism, and fraternal machismo that musical experts might more closely associate with “youth crew,” another subgenre of hardcore, from the late eighties. But myself being more of a film buff, I kept feeling like I was watching scenes from,”The Outsiders” whenever I’d see Budd, Whit, Clay and Rodney interact.

The show has a very DIY yourself vibe. It’s a free show with free beer, but they strongly encourage donations. I showed up early and they had skate videos playing on the screen in the theater so I just sat down and watched that for about 15 minutes.

Power Violence is hosted by Whitmer Thomas, Clay Tatum, Budd Diaz, & Rodney Berry and the four took the stage together, in a ruckus; falling all over the place. Throwing boxes and wrestling around, they accidentally punched a sizable hole in the wall. Whitmer thanked everyone for coming and they talked a little about the hole, they had just created. Budd kept laughing at everything in a weird way, sounding a little like Ed McMahon’s laugh. The guys called him out on it and he told them he was taking an acting class and this was his new laugh. They asked for someone in the audience who definitely wasn’t funny to come on stage and read some unfunny tweets to prove that Budd was laughing weird. Some guy named Joe came up and all the PV guys agreed that Joe wasn’t funny, so he read a few unfunny tweets and Budd laughed weird at all of them.

Then they introduced a video that cast Budd Diaz as Dick Cachairen a smooth talking but inept salesmen looking  to sell you a tiny fan for cooling down pizza slices. You can watch that sketch here:

They then brought on the first comic, Jeff Tepper. Jeff does absurd jokes accompanied by a  bizarre  Powerpoint presentation. He started by talking about Robocop riding a unicorn, then Stephen Hawking, and a shark as woman’s vagina, with hand drawn slides to help you visualize what he’s saying. The middle portion of Jeff’s act was about movie sequels he’s written and he had the movie posters to go along with them (How Stella Got Her Groove Back to The Future.) He closed with a bit about going to Vegas where his friend Dan snorted Viagra and his dick got so big that it circumnavigated the globe. The last few slides showed Dan’s dick making it’s way into the Complex Theater where the show was taking place and that’s when a giant penis emerged from behind one of the stage doors being held by Budd Diaz.

After Jeff Tepper’s set The Power Violence gang was back on stage and they asked Budd if he would come out on stage as Dan’s Dick. Budd reluctantly obliged and took a seat  n the middle of the stage, holding a giant inflatable penis in his lap. After a few questions, Budd went backstage and dropped the penis off before emerging again as himself. Then the gang gave Budd a denim jacket so he’d look cool and they asked him to pop his collar and say something tough. Budd said,”Yer Dead,” and they brought out the next performer, who Whitmer described as The King of Bad Boy Comedy, Mike Burns.

Mike, who was also wearing a denim jacket, started his set by talking about the time he was almost murdered. He went on to talk about the similarities between taking your girlfriend to a Ryan Gosling movie and watching porno with her. From here he transitioned easily into talking about dick pills and how kids today won’t ever know the terror of trying to eject a dirty VHS tape as their parent’s car pulls into the driveway. He closed his set talking about dating sites, specifically how the availability of the username “PizzaNachos69” made him choose OkCupid over He also read the personal information from his OkCupid profile.

Next up, was Ron Babcock who started by talking about the hole in the wall. He went on to talk about cancelling his gym membership, travelling outside of LA, and confirming that you’re in a relationship on Facebook. He talked about snuggling, pretending to be a pug, and not being able to fall asleep while spooning.

The next performer was Jess Lane who started by giving the audience step-by-step instructions of how to fold a fitted sheet. She went on to talk about tagging all her ex-boyfriends names in an ultrasound photo she posted to Facebook. She covered looking pregnant and all-liquid diets. She talked about getting high from Excedrin, and the idea that if you draw a perfect circle you’re crazy. Jess closed with a bit about a woman who married the Eiffel Tower, which technically made the woman a lesbian because La Tour Eiffel is feminine.

Then, Andy Ritchie took the stage and riffed a little on Jess Lane’s closing bit, by talking about how no one would ever marry the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Andy just moved back to LA and found a place to live on Craigslist, so he talked about that. His new apartment’s shower-head is rusted shut on the massage setting. He talked about seeing a sign for a missing falcon named Balthazar, as well as conspiracy theories, and getting his eyes examined at a Target. Andy closed his set talking about a “Choosy Moms Choose Life” bumpersticker.

Aparna Nancherla was next and talked first about deciding between taking the stairs or just hopping up on stage, which she conceded was very un-punk. She confessed that she was wearing socks with individual toes and told us what it’s like to be heckled by your own mother. She talked about laundromats, wine gut, and what makes a pizza, “personal pan.” She also discussed Gospel Aerobics, parking tickets quitting their day-job, and race jokes.

Up next was Hampton Yount who started by talking about an undercover Robocop. Then, Hampton did an impression of a pregnant Steven Seagal giving birth to a baby ninja. He talked about overhearing a conversation Soulja Boy was having, while at work at MTV. My notes are a little jumbled at this point, but I think the last part of his act was about how he’ll miss the banner ads from Myspace, that asked you to “Swat the Flies, & Win a Free I-Pad” and how he’s not fit to raise children. At some point in his set Hampton broke a folding chair.

Greg Barris followed Hampton and again my notes are jumbled but I think Greg began his set talking about his show rituals, and being drunk at the bank. He talked about getting older and receiving advice from his father on the balcony of a cruise ship. He went on to talk about gender issues, dildos, nightcaps, cocktails on the roof, and waking up tied to a chair.

Nick Turner began his set by talking about how God wouldn’t let him be happy and Park Rangers not fucking in the woods. He asked the audience if they could give him any pain pills because he has a dislocated toe, no insurance, and a $3000 hospital bill; so he can’t afford the pills, himself.

After Nick’s set Rodney Berry was onstage when he was interrupted by the other PV hosts who were dressed in costume wearing bright, sparkly ball-caps. They told Rodney that they were the cast of “Oh My Ribs!” (a play or musical that’s running a few doors down, in the same complex as Power Violence.) The “Oh My Ribs”  Fellas sang a jingle to bring out the next performer, Justin Ian Daniels.

Justin began by thanking the The “Oh My Ribs” Guys for the best intro of all time. He went on to talk about how body parts of murder victims are popping up all over Los Angeles and no one seems to mind. He talked about “Battleship: The Game: The Movie” and also about kids screaming on a plane.  In his bit about dream cars he said he would rather own eighty-seven Hyundai Elantra’s than one Porsche or Ferrari. He talked about the show, “Intervention” and the Cincinnati Pepper Grinder. He closed his set reading slogans he’d written to be used in place of “Beef. It’s Whats for Dinner.”

Whitmer came back up and closed the show, thanking everyone for coming and everyone who performed.

You can follow all of these performers on Twitter:!/PowerViolenceLA!/whitmerthomas!/claytatum!/buddanthonydiaz!/rodney_berry!/Jefftherooster (Jeff Tepper)!/pizzanachos69 (Mike Burns)!/ronbabcock!/notjesslane!/colormebadder (Andy Ritchie)!/aparnapkin (Aparna Nancherla)!/Hamptonyount!/gregbarris!/itsmenickyt (Nick Turner)!/funnyjustin (Justin Ian Daniels)


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BlamBlamBlam Recap 2/15/2012 Tuesday 9:45 R-Bar

BlamBlamBlam runs every second Tuesday of the month at the R-Bar and is hosted by Matt Peters. By injecting just a little bit of sketch into the standard stand-up showcase it’s one of the most inventive shows in Los Angeles.

After some technical problems with the mic were fixed Matt Peters took the stage wearing nothing but a heart-shaped box of chocolates, Saran-wrapped around his crotch.  He told us that he would be our Valentine and brought out Michael Driggs who opened up his set by talking about being a teacher and smoking pot,and closed his set dribbling his foot like a basketball while Nancy Pirozzi whistled the Harlem Globetrotter’s theme perfectly.

Next up was Esther Polvitsky who told us she lies about being pregnant and wants to be a rap video girl. She talked about being half Jewish and having a hot uncle, then closed by talking about getting clingy with her rapist.

Erin Gibson performed next doing a long bit about the fantasy response she would write to the OK Cupid post “Six Foot and Hung Like a Mule.”  She closed her set by telling a story about dancing alone in her apartment.

 After Erin’s set Matt Peters brought up Rebecca  Addelman and Holly Prazoff. They took the stage as Rebecca & Holly, a duo faking neck injuries who ask the audience accusingly, “what have [they] done with their lives?”

Sean Quinn was next and explained how he’s not good live and is more of a social media comedian. He talked about swimming, being happily divorced. He closed his set by talking about the amount of apologizing you do as a married man.

Chip Pope had material about Jessica Rabbit, gay club names, and the movie, “Shame.” A bit in the middle dealt with the idea that people who tell you they’re weird because they like “Fraiser” and ice-cream, are not. He closed by talking about Paul McCartney being too humble and Vampire Weekend sounding too much like Paul Simon.

Next came Jim Hamilton who is joke writer in it’s truest form, able to get a laugh usually in one or two lines. Doing short jokes he was able to cover a lot of ground lampooning blood oranges, throwing stars, crushes at parties, Oasis, Bon Iver, and bad advice from his doctor. He interrupted some of his own jokes by complaining to Chuck Watkins that the old material he was trying out again wasn’t working. Chuck shot back that Jim was, “doing them wrong!” Jim closed his set with material about Applebee’s, fortune cookies, moats, and painkillers.

Up next was Chuck Watkins serenading the audience as Money Corp, Internationals Assistant Director for Marketing. He sang songs and closed his set singing a song about blue valentine’s while he showed the audience dirty hand-drawn Valentine’s day cards.

After Chuck was Cameron Esposito, in town from Chicago and wondering how her side-mullet haircut will play on the west coast. She coveered coonskin caps, home movies, ken dolls, and eye-patches before closing with two stories.  The first about a penguin-beach-topless-hug and the other about going to a strip club.

After Cameron’s set Matt Peters was on stage when there was a knock at the door and in burst a dripping wet Davey Johnson looking for his lover, Jessie. He kept shouting for “Jessie” and started searching the about bar. He thought he’d found Jessie in the front row and immediately started gushing about how sorry he was, and how much he missed her, and how he wanted Jessie back. The woman in the front row obviously wasn’t Jessie, it was clear she was just an audience member. She was apprehensive about being involved, as was her husband who kept pushing Johnson’s soaked torso away from his wife exclaiming, “Gross you’re all sweaty,” to which Johnson quickly  replied, “No, it’s raining out.” Johnson succeeded in ticking this couple off and then proceeded to  win them over. The husband went from upset, (”THAT’S MY WIFE!”) to reluctantly engaged (“This is some weird-ass comedy sketch.”).  When Johnson put on his glasses to read a dirty Haiku, his improved eyesight helped him realize that this poor woman was not Jessie, at which point he continued his search, shouting furiously, “JESSIE!” over and over. Jessie produced himself behind the bar, a 6’4 gentleman with a bushy red beard. Johnson and “Jessie” (Randy Liedtke) reconciled on stage where they embraced passionately.

The headliner Mike Bridenstine is a high energy story-teller. He told one  about seeing a bullfight and maybe his first dead body and another story about the worst date he’s ever been on that’s simultaneously grotesque and hilarious.

I missed  both Andy Ritchie’s and John Vargas’ sets  which is a shame because I heard they both did well. I do apologize for the hole in this recap but it was a long night of comedy. If anyone would like to fill me in on what they talked about I could update this entry.

Thanks to Demorge Brown for producing such a great show.

You can follow all of these performers on Twitter:!/Rbarla!/mattpeters!/Driggs18!/Little_Esther!/gibblertron!/raddelman!/Hollypraz!/ChipPope!/Jim_Hamilton!/ChuckWatkinsEsq!/cameronesposito!/colormebadder!/DrDavey!/randyliedtke!/commenace!/brido!/leitepreto (producer)

PS I couldn’t find Sean Quinn’s Twitter account if anyone knows it, message me.

Keep It Clean Recap 2/14/2012 Monday 10pm Public House

Keep it Clean runs every Monday at the Public House and is hosted By JC Coccoli. I attended The February 13th Valentine’s Lincoln’s Birthday Smash Edition of Keep It Clean, at 10pm that featured Ali Wong, Sean O’Connor, Eliza Skinner, Anyi Malik, Ahmed Bharoocha, and Brody Stevens.

The Public House is a rowdy sports bar where the comedians have to compete with the bar being in the same room as the performance space. JC does a wonderful job engaging with and pacifying the crowd. At the top of every show JC  will ask that everyone on the bar’s side of the room should move over to  stage’s side of the room, and in doing so will receive a free beer. She eventually gives a free beer to everyone on both sides of the room.

JC started her  set with a story about getting out of a DUI, by telling the arresting officer that she’s Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend. From there she transitioned into her brand new Whitney Houston material, impressed that  Houston slept with Ray J(Brandy’s brother.) JC is brash and likable and as a host isn’t above shushing her audience.

JC brought  up the first comic of the evening, Ali Wong. Ali began by talking about how Ugg boots are fois gras for your feet, and how bridesmaid duty as a financial burden. She vowed to allow no more skaters in her love life but more engineers and went on to talk about choosing between doing a spot on “The Tonight Show” or attending her boyfriends graduation from Harvard. Successful people’s problems. She covered race and weight next with some material on what Puerto Ricans and Koreans have in common and how she’s ready to look like Ms. Pacman. She closed by challenging anal virgins to grow up. Ali is often the dirtiest comic on the bill and tonight was no exception.

After Ali’s set JC spent a little bit of time complimenting the audience and talking about cute Trader Joe’s employee.  Then she brought out Sean O’Connor.

Connor began by asking the audience to bring it’s energy up so he can keep his energy extremely low. He seemed to hop effortlessly and quickly from one subject to the next. First, drinking on Adderall, then doing birds favors, and then taking a screenwriting class that was taught by the guy who wrote “Mannequin 2.” Sean is from New Jersey where the nursing staff at his mother’s hospital will disguise Bon Jovi as a doctor every time he visits the ER. O’Connor closed his set with a story about his girlfriend’s dead ex-boyfriend which combined  his down to earth storytelling with imaginative flights of fancy.

Without doing much time between comics JC brought on Eliza Skinner. Eliza began her set by asking the audience to be each other’s Valentine this holiday and went into talking about getting her haircut, and the futility of handjobs. She then transitioned into an extremely strong bit about  how everyone has negative opinions of cat-lady’s even though cat-lady’s could not give less of a fuck about what we think. This flowed smoothly into a little chunk about how  no-one every gives dog-guy’s shit even though dog-guy’s are just as weird as cat lady’s. Eliza closed talking about Ancient Egyptians being anglicized by today’s filmmakers and a thought about what would make being eaten by a polar-bear worth it.

After Eliza’s set JC came on stage and opened a V-day gift given to her by a loyal audience member Danny. Danny got JC a Star Wars Pez dispenser which lead into a story about her dad growing pot plants.

Then JC brought on Anyi Malik. Anyi opened by explaining how he had requested more empty chairs for his set. He moved on to talk about  how small his studio apartment is, and the childish games he plays with women; Red Rover, Red Light-Green Light. Probably the most animated performer of the night, Anyi closed with a long bit about what it would be like to accept an award for The-Most-Dangerous-City and dealing with Armenian gangsters in Glendale.

Again, without doing much time JC brought up the next performer, Ahmed Bharoocha. Ahmed started by talking about how, as humans, we’re overdoing it with the amount of cow product we use. Case-in-point, he explains we print pictures of our missing kids on cartons full of cow’s children’s food (aka, milk). He went on to talk about how Shawn from “Boy Meets World” was an interesting enough character to have his own show. The middle of Ahmed’s set was devoted to the idea that people who don’t believe in dinosaurs believe in the lamest devil ever, and an interesting interpretation of “Why We Fight.” He closed his set talking about his scepticism that there’s someone for everyone and the world’s worst pirates.

JC came  on and seemed excited to bring out the nights last comic, a drop-in,  Brody Stevens. Brody kicked it off by explaining that he was dropping in from House of Pies and he doesn’t do conventional humor, he does cameos in punk rock movies. Brody tells us that he has borderline aspergers, and adult-on-set-autism and today he crossed the 20,000 followers on Twitter marker. He closed his set by big-upping Reseda High School and shitting on a few other LA highschools. Brody in fine form, there’s really no-one else like him.

You can follow all these performers on Twitter:!/KeepitCleanShow!/JCcoccoli!/aliwong3000!/seanoconnz!/elizaskinner!/AhmedBharoocha!/BrodyismeFriend

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Magic Bag Recap 2/11/2012 Saturday 10pm The Little Modern Theater

Magic Bag is a weekly show on Saturdays at 10pm (9:30 doors) in The Little Modern Theater in Los Angeles, California.

I haven’t seen this show since it moved from the Underground Annex Theater to the Little Modern Theater.  I think both theaters could be described as black box but the The Little Modern has some amenities the Underground Annex didn’t have, (namely an actual stage to elevate the performer, a bathroom that isn’t directly behind the “stage” and a liquor store two doors down).  I like the new location better.

The structure of this show is unique.  It’s hosted by Eliza Skinner and DC Pierson who come up as a comedy duo at the top of the show and discuss whatever is on their minds. They’re old friends, they’re very animated, and it’s all spontaneous. After about ten or fifteen minutes as a duo they bring on the first performer. During the show, in between comics, Eliza or DC perform solo sets.

I attended  the February 11th 2012 show.  It started at about 10pm and featured Myq (pronounced Mike) Kaplan, Whitmer Thomas, Anthony McBrien, Lisa Beth Johnson, and Hampton Yount.

Eliza and DC come up and the first thing they talk about is how they didn’t have time to do sound check so they ask the-guy-in-the-booth to tweak the lights and mics a little. Then they talk about how they haven’t had a chance to catch up so this’ll make for some good catching up in front of an audience banter. They saw the movie “The Grey” together, so they start talking about how they find it disturbing that such a gruesome movie has been number one at the box office for a few weekends in a row.  They also talked about Eliza’s fear of turning into a bag lady. It’s not scripted dialogue like the Smothers Brothers or the Sklar Brothers. Eliza and DC as a duo feels like a podcast because its real conversation.

Next they brought out Myq Kaplan. Myq is a brilliant joke writer.  He was preparing a set for some late night talk show that he didn’t name. One of his jokes didn’t get a big laugh, so he asked the audience how he could make that joke better. Then he asked the performers backstage if they had any ideas about how to make the joke better. Then he moved on to the next joke, it went over well. He then asked the audience how to get that kind of response on the joke that didn’t go over well. Myq is a brilliant joke writer.

DC came out after Myq and without doing much material, brought out Whitmer Thomas.

Whitmer started with a story that was half-assed and he immediately tells the audience that it’s bullshit and he made it all up. I’m not really sure why he does this, but I think it’s to get the audience used to his mode of thinking. He does characters and tells stories that seem to be simultaneously personal and fabricated. It’s an interesting juxtaposition in storytelling that you might only see used by snake-oil salesmen, so it’s strange to see it employed by the good-natured Whitmer. He floored me.

After Whitmer’s set Eliza brought up Anthony McBrien.

Anthony was in town from Chicago. I’ve known him for a few years and his personality off-stage really shines through on-stage. He’s very friendly, good-natured, happy to be there, and you can tell. He’s a story teller. He started by talking about how the weed in California is too strong and it’s a problem. Then he talked about a scare with MS where he confused MS with scoliosis and wasn’t scared at all until he went home and googled MS. I like Anthony because he’s a man that’s not afraid to tell you he cries.

After Anthony’s set I think DC came on stage and did some time but I can’t remember what he talked about. I think this is when stepped out to grab another beer, back in time for the next performer, Lisa Beth Johnson.

Lisa Beth’s tells very personal stories about divorce, and relationships with her family, among other things. Her grandma paints gourds to look like people. Lisa Beth brought out one of the gourds that her grandma had painted for her. The gourd-man was painted to look like he’s holding a beer mug to comment on her granddaughter’s drinking problem. She’s very open on stage and I admire that. For the most part she sticks to stories and she’s very good at it.

After Lisa Beth Johnson’s set, Eliza came up and did about ten or so minutes of material.  Most of it was new to me, but she closed her set by dissecting the intricacies of a Ke$ha song, in a bit I’ve become fairly familiar with. It’s good.

After her set, Eliza brought up the final performer, Hampton Yount. Hampton got his start in Washington, D.C. and has the chops of a seasoned vet. He’s high energy and uses the large stage at Little Modern Theater to his advantage (probably the most animated performer of the night.) I loved his set but was a little drunk at this point in the show and can’t really remember much of what he talked about, just weird chunks. But Hampton was a delight. He has a free album out now that you can listen to here

You can follow all of these performers on Twitter: (Lisa Beth Johnson) (Anthony McBrien)

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